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    Digital Art
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    Sci-Fi Collectables

    Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

    The Judge Dredd model is non commerical useage only.

    All the other files on this page are free for use in both commerical or non commerical images, projects, animations etc etc.

    If you wish to use any part of these files (excluding the Dredd Model) in commerical poser products please contact me.

    Can't download? Just e-mail and you'll be sent an alternative download link.

    Trainset Engines Trainset #1: Engines

    For the VP created trainset #1, a freebie set of dirty engine textures.
    Includes bonus track texture.

    Download [1.90mb .zip]
    Transporter Effects Prop Transporter Effects Prop

    To achieve that Star Trek look in your poser renders and animations, heres the Transporter Effects Prop. This prop comes in 2 flavours, a static version for Poser 4/Pro Pack and a video version for Poser 5/6. Full user instructions are in the zip file.

    Large image is unavaliable for this freebie.

    Download [1.89mb .zip]
    T-68 Racing Leathers T-68 Racing Leathers

    Heres a set of 'Racing Leathers' for the EDW Jumpsuits sold at PoserDirect.
    Matches the T-68 Snubnose fighter.

    This texture set works with all versions of the Jumpsuits.

    Download [230k .zip]
    Shark_Man Shark Man

    A 'wet suit' style costume for the EDW Jumpsuits.
    Matches the Robo Shark

    This texture set works with all versions of the Jumpsuits.

    Download [135k .zip]
    Judge Dredd Judge Dredd Construction Kit

    Features a Helmet, Boots, and Textures for the EDW Jumpsuits . Plus full instructions on how to find all the parts you need to make your own Poser version of old stoneyface. This is the correct 2000AD Classic Dredd not the Stallone movie version.

    Download [2.9mb zip]
    Miki Vorg Miki Vorg

    Mr Sparky's signature piece - the Vorg. This time for Miki.

    Download from Vanishing Point [1.27mb zip]
    Distance Simulation Unit Distance Simulation Unit - Poser Version

    Simulate distances in Poser, and unlike some other backgrounds kits, without bogging down your system. Mapped to take most digital photographs without resizing or cropping.

    Download from Vanishing Point [2.25mb zip]
    Looking for the Vue version of the DSU? Click here
    SydVorg SydVorg

    The Vorg for Sydney. Nuff said.

    Download from Content Paradise [1mb zip]
    The Numptys It's The Numptys

    The little blighters have escaped, round them up here and use them on RNDA's Hojo Gooble, before they eat your shoes.

    Download [5.10mb zip]
    Born To Kill Born To Kill

    "USC Space Marines Born To Kill" is a texture set for Oscillator's freebie: "G2PA - Personal science fiction armor for the G2 males"

    Download [2.16mb zip]
    Big Ron Big Ron

    A free texture set for MechMastersTomahawk freebie. The mech is avaliable from Vanishing Point.

    Download from Rapidshare [7.99mb zip].

    All designs © Sparkyworld or the respective holder