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    Digital Art
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    Sci-Fi Collectables

    Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

    The Space Jockey model is non commerical useage only.

    All the other files on this page are free for use in both commerical or non commerical images, projects, animations etc etc.

    If you wish to use any part of these files (excluding the Runabout) in commerical poser products please contact me.

    Can't download? Just e-mail and you'll be sent an alternative download link.

    Sci-Fi_Environment 01 Sci-Fi_Environment 01

    An incredibly simple to use prop suitable for Science Fiction scenes.

    Check out the large image to see the highly detailed modelled features, with a medium-low polygon count, and carefully UV-Mapped textures. The package includes 6 assorted parts, 3 preset scenes and templates.

    This file is kindly hosted by the nice folks at

    Download [7.12mb .zip]
    Aliens - Space Jockey Aliens - Space Jockey

    This model contains the space jockey and a section of Alien wall.

    Originally created by Sean Kennedy (aka Treybor) Poser conversion by Mr Sparky with Sean Kennedy's permission.

    This file is EXCLUSIVELY hosted by PlanIT3D.

    Download [24.1mb .zip]
    Runway Runway

    A stupidly simple but very useful prop - a square of runway, or road, with a medum res (2048x2048) texture.

    Just stick a car or plane on it, then rescale the prop, for when you need a quick but quality render.

    Download [.886k .zip]
    M16A1 Rifle Mannual Vietnam War M16A1 Rifle Mannual

    All 32 pages in .JPG format of the 1969 M16A1 Rifle 'user mannual' illustrated by the comic book artist Will Eisner. Click the thumbnail to see the actual scan size of a single page.

    Don't get ripped off buying reproductions from auction sites - get it for free here!

    Download [6.57mb .zip]
    Sparkys SF Set Freebie Sparkys SF Set Freebie

    To celeberate the launch of the 1st ever commerical model built totally by Mr Sparky, heres one of the models from it. Plus a catalogue which shows all the parts.

    Download from ShareCG - [1.38mb .zip]

    Cockpits and Panels Cockpits and Panels

    An assorted collection of 26 royalty free photos of cockpits and aircraft instrument panels, from various aircraft from the classic age of British aviation. Commerical and non commercial use permitted.

    Download from ShareCG - Part 1 [9.62mb .zip]
    Download from ShareCG - Part 2 [8.79mb .zip]
    Download from ShareCG - Part 3 [6.56mb .zip]
    Alpha 1 - The Reactor Alpha 1 - The Reactor

    An incredibly highly detailed sci-fi reactor control room. Nearly all the parts are modelled not just textured, featuring rusty pipes, computer and control panels, walkway and ladder. Also includes a busted out wall with shattered wires and bricks, so get ready to defend yourself against alien attack!

    Check out the large image to see the detail on the model and samples of the 7 cameras and 1 light included with this freebie.

    Download from ShareCG - [3.90mb .zip]
    Mega City - Block 1 Mega City - Block 1

    Another detailed sci-fi model, this time a distressed model of a tallish futuristic building.

    Modelled using Carrea 5 Pro, this Poser prop comes with a small parented side piece you can use to move around to block the background.

    Download from ShareCG - [4.92mb .zip]
    Rocket Sled Rocket Sled

    Inspired by the one in the 2008 Indiana Jones: Temple of The Crystal Skull, heres a rocket sled. The model was kitbashed in less than 24 hours as a modelling exercise, this detailed poser prop also includes a basic Mike 3 driver pose.

    Download from ShareCG - [3.77mb .zip]
    Panoramic Probes Panoramic Probes

    14 small full and partial panoramic images for use as a light source in any 3d programmes that allow the use of IBL or HRDI. For a sample image just click the thumbnail here. This is a revised version from the original and contains some mirrors balls created in flexify by a very nice lady at r'oisty.

    Download from ShareCG - [3.55mb .zip]

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