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    Digital Art
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    Sci-Fi Collectables

    Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

    All the files on this page are free for use in both commerical or non commerical images, projects, animations etc etc.

    If you wish to use any part of these files in commerical poser products please contact me.

    Can't download? Just e-mail and you'll be sent an alternative download link.

    NHS Paramedics NHS Paramedics

    Heres some real heroes for you! Well, their jackets anyway. To use these textures you'll need Royloo's JA01 from Poser Pros.

    MAT poses are included for M3 and V3. But if you apply the textures mannually it should also work with the S3 and David versions.

    Download [179k .zip]
    NHS Ambulance NHS Ambulance

    If you have iw43d's Ambulance then here's a free twin pack for you. A set of clean and weathered paramedic ambulance textures.

    Download [600k .zip]
    S. W. A. T. - Mega Pack S. W. A. T. - Mega Pack

    Suitable for use with any (or all) of the following products

    The Vanishing Point models of the Littlebird, Blackhawk and Apache Helicopters now owned by R'oisty.
    Daz's Mike 3 & Desert Soldier.

    See the large picture for more details.

    Download [3.6mb .zip]
    VORG - T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T...H.E.R VORG - T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T...H.E.R

    This set contains 3 character [head and body] textures [Human, Blasted & Vorg] for the Sixus 1 HER figure. Also included are T-shirt and Trousers textures. All with MAT Poses.

    Get HER from: Sixus 1

    Download [2.18mb .zip]
    Street Corner For Vue 4 Street Corner For Vue 4

    A generic building and street for Vue 4 (.vob file with textures). Should work in Vue 5, Pro and Infite. Might work in Vue 2 and 3.

    Download [1.15mb .zip]
    The Chav Construction Kit Chav Construction Kit

    "Chavs", is a humourous term used to describe a social group in the UK.

    Suitable for use with any (or all) of the products featured in the large picture.

    Download [885k .zip]
    Using Alpha Planes in Animation Tutorial Using Alpha Planes in Animation Tutorial

    This easy to use tutorial shows how to use alpha planes within Poser, particulary with animations. Also discusses how these can be used to create Chromakey Overlays and an simple idea regarding animated 3D Decoupage & Back Projection.

    Large image is unavaliable for this freebie.

    Download [.pdf format - 582k .zip]
    Xanbot Xanbot

    This set of textures is designed for the updated version of Xantor`s robot. MAT poses are included.

    If you require maps for the old version, click here

    Download [.95k .zip]
    Vorg Bear Vorg For Netherworks Scare Bear

    A fun but detailed set of maps for the brillant scare bear.

    If you want the bear mesh, visit ... Netherworks Studios

    Download [.482k .zip]
    Space Cadets Space Cadets For Netherworks Scare Bear

    Another light hearted freebie for the bear: Capt Kludge, Mr Speck and Spotty.

    Download [1.2mb .zip]

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